Department of Exercise Physiology


The department of exercise physiology deals with scientific knowledge concerning the mechanisms of the human body. This department has a great background in sport, with its faculty members and researchers, expert in biomechanics and physiology. The department of exercise physiology aims to train skilled fitness coaches focusing on promoting the role of exercise in health sustainability. The programs offered by the department pay attention to physical activities, diseases prevention and treatment as well as patients’ rehabilitation.

Majors and Programs

Objectives of the program: 

M.Sc. program focuses on the science concerned with the practical issues of human movement through science of training and periodization in different sport disciplines. This program aims to increase the understanding about human performance in sports activities, improving field performance and minimizing injuries. The program also intends to attract students enthusiastic in developing their career as an athlete, coach or a researcher. The program is carried out by motivated lecturers and researchers with the cutting-edge knowledge of research, especially in health, nutrition and performance.
PhD program in exercise physiology focuses on the understanding of the effect of exercise on muscular, cardiovascular, and neurohumoral systems that lead to changes in functional capacity and strength due to different types and modalities of training. The effect of training on human body has been considered as the increase in metabolism or the reaction to the adaptive body responses resulted from exercises. 
  • Applied Exercise Physiology (M.Sc.)

    Applied Exercise Physiology (M.Sc.)
  • Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (M.Sc.)

    Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (MSc)
  •  Exercise Physiology and Health (M.Sc.) 

    Exercise Physiology and Health (M.Sc.)
  • Exercise Physiology (Ph.D.)

    Exercise Physiology (Ph.D.)

Facilities and Equipment

  • Teaching

    Masters of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition:
    1    Research Methods in Exercise Physiology 
    2    Statistical Methods in Exercise Physiology
    3    Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology
    4    Biochemistry and Exercise Metabolism
    5    Advanced Exercise Physiology
    6    Principles and Assessment of Nutrition
    7    Advanced Training Theory and Methodology
    8    Nutrition, Health and Sport Performance
    9    Assessment of Physical Fitness and Sport Performance
    10    Seminar in Exercise Physiology and Sport Nutrition
    11    Internship in Sport Nutrition
    12    Nutritional Strategies for Weight Category and Power Sports
    13    Nutrition Strategies for Team and Rocket Sports
    14    Nutrition and Functional Weight in Athletes
    15    Sport Nutrition for Special Population
    16    Eating Disorders in Sport
    17    Medicinal Plants and Sport Performance
    18    Ergogenic Aids and Doping
    19    Environmental Stress and Sport Nutrition
    20    Entrepreneurship in Exercise Physiology
    Masters of Applied Exercise Physiology:
    1    Physiology of Training and Performance 
    2    Development of Physical Fitness 
    3    Nutritional Strategies in Sport
    4    Fatigue and Recovery 
    5    Physiological Assessment of Athletic Performance
    6    Seminar in Applied Exercise Physiology 
    7    Internship in sports 
    8    Training and Conditioning in Team Sports  
    9    Training and Conditioning in Individual Sports
    10    Advanced Talent Identification in Sport 
    11    New Technological in Sport
    12    Children’s Exercise Physiology
    13    Environmental Stress and Athletic Performance
    14    Exercise Physiology for Special Population 
    15    Entrepreneurship in Exercise Physiology

    Masters of Exercise Physiology and Health:
    1    Exercise Physiology for Health
    2    Assessment of Physical Activity and Fitness 
    3    Nutrition for Exercise and Health 
    4    Clinical Exercise Physiology
    5    Exercise Prescription
    6    Seminar in Physiology of Physical Activity and Health
    7    Internship in Sport for All 
    8    Sports Hygiene 
    9    Physical Activity in the Workplace
    10    Sport Injuries prevention and Management
    11    Exercise Physiology and Mental Health 
    12    Exercise Prescription in Elderly 
    13    Exercise Prescription for Children and Adolescence
    14    Exercise Prescription for Women
    15    Environmental Stress and Physical Activity
    16    Entrepreneurship in Exercise Physiology
  • Research

    Research Perspective:
    -    Applied Exercise Physiology
    -    Exercise and Health
    -    Exercise and Metabolism
    -    Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Publication

    Journal of Metabolism and Exercise (Biannual journal)

Academic Members

Bahman Mirzaei, Ph.D.
Head of Department
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Arsalan Damirchi, Ph.D.
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Hamid Mohebbi, Ph.D.
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Farhad Rahmani Nia, Ph.D.
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Hamid Arazi, Ph.D.
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Javad Mehrabani, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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Payam Saeidi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Abozar Jorbonyan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Maryam Ebrahimi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Tahmineh Saeidi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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