Webinars for students of University of Guilan by academic members of ENSAM

08 12 2020
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Due to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and unavailability of face-to-face learning, webinars on Thermoelasticity of Polymer and Rheology of Polymer and Polymer Processing were held by Prof. Abbas Tcharkhtchi and Dr. Mohammadali Shirinbayan, the academic members of ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieured 'Arts et Métiers). The webinars were held, exclusively for the Engineering, Textile engineering, Mechanical engineering and Civil Engineering students of University of Guilan.

It is worthwhile to mention that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the University of Guilan and ENSAM in 2016. Based on the MoU, University of Guilan and ENSAM agreed to cooperate in different areas such as student and professor exchange programs and joint research projects. Ecole Nationale Supérieured' Arts et Métiers is one of the most prestigious universities in France and a leading science and engineering institute in Paris.


For more information, contact: int.ug.events@gmail.com

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