University of Guilan (UG) is one of the Iranian top universities known for its research-led teaching methods, its unique green location and its great sense of purpose that aims to broaden its students' perspectives.

UG was originally founded in 1974 in Rasht, as the Graduate School of Business. It became the 17th university in Iran after it obtained approval from the Higher Education Council in 1976. Through a collaborative agreement between Iran and Germany, UG began its academic activities by accepting 400 students in 9 fields of study.

Today, with 10 faculties and 4 research institutes, University of Guilan is the largest university in northern Iran. Over 17000 students are currently enrolled at UG, 40 per cent of whom are graduate students. UG offers more than 110 B.A./B.Sc. programs, 160 M.A./M.Sc. programs, and 140 PhD programs. These programs aim to combine the traditional academic approach with new knowledge, methodology and technology. The University's fundamental mission is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and its understanding. Moreover, University of Guilan aims to improve the range and quality of research and educational activities, at the same time as it enhances the environment in which the students and the faculty undertake these activities. UG is committed to reinforcing its reputation as a center of excellence.

Only 30 kilometers away from the Caspian Sea, University of Guilan is located in Rasht, the capital city of Guilan Province. Guilan is famous for its rain and forests, its silk and rice fields as well as its roaring rivers: an environment where plains, mountains and the sea come together to create magnificent beauty. It is a region full of life and joy with an enchanting landscape, which is, at the same time, a source of dynamism as well as inspiration of tranquility, stimulation of thought and creativity.