1. Mirza Kuchak Khan Dormitory (for male students)

Rasht-Qazvin Highway, University of Guilan, Mirza Kuchak Khan Complex

Manager: Mr. Alipoor

Phone: +98 (013) 336 90460

2. Bentolhoda Dormitory (for female students)

Rasht-Qazvin Highway, Faculty of Physical Education

Manager: Ms. Sharifi

Phone: +98 (013) 336 90812

3. Shahid Ansari Dormitory (for female students)

Rasht, Melat St.

Manager: Ms. Ahar

Phone: +98 (013) 333 69017

4. Shahid Karimi Dormitory (for female students)

Rasht, Imam Khomeini Ave., Mikaeel Juncture, Razi Laboratory Alley, Ganjaee St.

Manager: Ms. Mehrgan

Phone: +98 (013) 333 37631

5. Faculty of Natural Sciences' Dormitory in Sowme'eh Sara

Guilan, Sowme'eh Sara, Entezam Square, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Phone: +98 (013) 443 20895


Dormitory facilities on each floor: Shared bathrooms, kitchen (with all the needed items such as a dishwashing sink, a stove, a fridge, etc.), TV room, study room, gym.

Room facilities: Bunk beds, a desk, chairs, a fridge, curtains, a locker, a mirror, a heater, an air conditioner, a garbage can, fluorescent lamps.