In 2012, University of Guilan decided to use the technological advancements to offer new opportunities for students to gain knowledge, and, therefore, it established its E-learning Center.  Currently, the center offers 7 graduate programs. Online programs are offered through flexible learning lessons, and study programs at a distance are of the same quality as those provided on the campus.

All the distance programs are provided entirely online with classes being taken through virtual conference rooms. At the end of each semester, students meet for one or two sessions on the campus, although most of the work and the contact with the professors and other students take place online.


Programs offered

Degree Program




Applied Mathematics   M.A.  
IT Engineering   M.A.  
Mechanical Engineering   M.A.  
Persian Language and Literature   M.A.  
Software Engineering   M.A.  
Teaching English as a Foreign Language   M.A.  
Telecommunication Engineering   M.A.