Cafeterias and Restaurants

University of Guilan has 5 cafeterias which serve 3 meals a day from Saturday to Thursday.


1. The Central Cafeteria: It is University of Guilan's main cafeteria which is close to Mirza Kuchak Khan Dormitory on the main campus. This cafeteria alone equals to all the other cafeterias in UG's other campuses.

2. Cafeteria at the Faculty of Physical Sciences: It is situated on the faculty's campus and is close to Bentolhoda Dormitory.

3. Cafeteria at the Faculty of Basic Sciences: This cafeteria is located on another campus in Gaz Square, Rasht.

4. Cafeteria at Sowme'eh Sara: This cafeteria belongs to the Faculty of Natural Sciences. With an area of 140 square meters, it accommodates 160 students.

5. Vajargah Cafeteria: It is located in Rudsar and belongs to the Faculty of Engineering (eastern Guilan).

Apart from the cafeterias, which offer food at reasonable prices, there are two restaurants on the main campus which offer a variety of dishes to the students and the staff alike.

Note: After students have enrolled, they receive their student cards and, then, they can activate their card to use it at the university's cafeterias. To use food services, and to see the meal schedules, please visit the food portal at It is important for new students to activate their cards at the central cafeteria before logging in to the website.