Mission and Vision



Our main fundamental mission is commitment to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and its understanding. Our cutting-edge approach to education and research aims to inspire our faculty and students to change how the world is perceived so as to help make it a better place. We are determined to provide a unique educational experience which inspires our students to explore the realms of knowledge, and to become responsible citizens. Furthermore, we are focused on becoming a center of excellence in the wider Middle East region.

We aim to provide a superb academic experience for our students, regardless of their backgrounds. Students graduating from the University of Guilan will have the intellectual capabilities and leadership qualities that will help them contribute to their country. We try to create an atmosphere that fosters inter-cultural skills and perspectives in our students. We remove the barriers to learning and studying, and welcome students who wish to learn at a research-based university in which they can make a difference.


University of Guilan aspires to be a research-intensive academic institution with great educational opportunities. It conducts research with national, regional and global impact, and provides its students with a path to leadership and contribution to the society.