Webinar on: Technology Transfer Offices and Intellectual Property - 19 October 2020

10 10 2020
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Retention of intellectual properties and research achievements for researchers via Patent Registration is a primary necessity in order to commercialize and build wealth in the field of science. This service is facilitated in universities, research and technology institutions via the establishment of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs). In this webinar, the principles of Intellectual Property (IP) and TTOs and the regarded knowledge and experiences in the Europe and the United States are shared by the international experts. The approach is to increase the number of TTOs in the universities, research and technology institutions within the Caspian Sea region and create a network for the corresponding interactions. The webinar is held in accordance to the roadmap of Association of State Universities of Caspian Sea Region Countries (ASUCSRC) with its periodic presidency carried out by University of Guilan. The event is jointly organized by Guilan Science and Technology Park (GSTP) and Astrakhan State University (ASU) in October 19, 2020. Detailed information on how to register in the event is provided in the poster.

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