New Acting Chancellor of the University of Guilan

12 05 2024
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The Minister of Science, Research, and Technology, appointed Dr. Mohammad Doostar as the Acting Chancellor of the University of Guilan.

In this appointment order, Dr. Mohammad Ali Zulfi Gol emphasized to Dr. Doostar that it is expected that by relying on God Almighty and seeking help from Hazrat Saman Al-Aima (AS) and by following Islamic teachings, scientific foundations, revolutionary spirit, basic strategies of the people's government and the programs presented to the Islamic Council and attracting the cooperation of professors, managers, scientific assistants (staff) and students, all the material and spiritual facilities of the university, including the huge capacity of benefactors, to realize the policies and programs of the national policies, and scientific diplomacy for the development of science and technology, research-oriented education, education-oriented research, skill development, entrepreneurship, teamwork and group work culture, and finally, implement all the axes of the Islamic University policies.

Dr. Mohammad Doostar is an associate professor of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Guilan. Among his executive positions, we can mention the chancellor of Islamic Azad University and Payam Noor University of Gilan province, the dean of the faculty of literature and humanities of the University of Guilan, and the director of the budget planning, administration, and transformation of the university.

Also, in a separate letter, the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology appreciated the efforts of Dr. Farid Najafi, the former chancellor of the University of Guilan, who was in charge since December 21, 2021.

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