The Department of Educational Sciences

Initially, the Department of Education Sciences was part of the Department of Psychology but in 2002, it was decided that it should be a separate department, therefore it started its activities as an independent department two years later. Currently, the department has 9 faculty members and 200 students.


Head of the Department

Dr. Ali Sayadi

Assistant Professor



Programs offered
 Guidance and counseling BSc.
 Educational Planning and Management MSc.
 Counseling- Family Counseling MSc.


 Faculty Members

 Dr. Abbas Sadeghi

 Dr. Abdolnaser Javan

 Dr. Ali Poursafar


 Dr. Amir Ghorbanpour

 Dr. Farhad Asghari

 Dr. Hassan Boland

 Dr. Fatemeh Hosseini Dolat Abadi

 Dr. Fatemeh Karimi