Department of Statistics


The Department of Statistics established the Bachelor's program in 2004. The Department then continued to develop by recruiting new faculty members and establishing Master's program. The area of specialization in the Master’s program of Statistics is Mathematical Statistics. Establishing the Doctoral program in Statistics is one of the goals ahead of the Department. The Department of Statistics currently has 5 full-time faculty members and 5 adjunct lecturers. The Department provides research expertise in diverse areas of Statistics, Probability and data science.

Majors and Programs

Statistics is the science of making sense of data. Data is essential for decision making in all areas of society, and statisticians are the people who collect data, analyze and extract information from it and communicate the meaning garnered from it to others. A degree in statistics can be used anywhere data is used — from social media sites to political campaigns or from drug development laboratories to satellites gathering information about our planet and environment. The Department of Statistics offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Statistics.
During the four-year undergraduate program, students at the department of statistics can gain the skills for inferring, modeling and analyzing various economic and social systems. This undergraduate program also prepares the students to further their education.
The Department of Statistics provides graduate students with research opportunities in statistics and probability while teaching you a variety of relevant applied theoretical courses that can be used in the modern world.
  • (B.Sc.)

    Statistics and Applications
  • (M.Sc.)

     Mathematical Statistics

Facilities and Equipment

  • Teaching

  • Research

    Our faculty members have research interests in both theoretic and applied statistics fields. Here is a list of faculty interests and possible thesis topics:
    •    Statistical Learning
    •    Data science
    •    Time Series
    •    Stochastic processes
    •    Applied Multivariate Methods
    •    Applied Linear Models
    •    Bayesian inference
    •    Fuzzy probability and statistics
    •    High dimensional data modeling
    •    Distribution Theory
    •    Reliability Theory
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Academic Members

Behrouz Fathi Vajargah , Ph.D.
  ​​​​​​Research interests :
​​​​​​​  •    Monte Carlo Simulation
•    Uncertainty Theory
•    Stochastic Processes
•    Financial Mathematics
•    Fuzzy Computations
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Mohammad Kazemi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research interests:
•    High Dimensional Data Modeling
•    Statistical Machine Learning   
•    Multivariate Analysis
•    Singular Spectrum Analysis
•    Censored Data Analysis

•    Regression Analysis
•    Data Mining
•    Statistical Computing
•    Design of Experiments
•    Nonparametric Statistics
•    Probability
•    Mathematical Statistics
•    Topics in Applied Statistics
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Hossein Samimi Haghgozar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research interests:
•    Probability theory
•    Time series analysis
•    Finance
•    Insurance
•    Measure Theory and Probability 1
•    Measure Theory and Probability 2
•    Stochastic Processes I
•    Stochastic Processes II
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Reza Zarei , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research interests:
•    Fuzzy Probability and Statistics
•    Fuzzy Reliability
•    Bayesian Statistics
•    Statistical Learning
•    Statistical Inference I
•    Statistical Inference II
•    Statistical Learning
•    Statistical Methods
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Amir Zeinal , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research interests:
•    General Linear Models
•     Ridge Regression

•    Regression I
•    Linear Models I
•    Linear Models II
•    Mathematical Statistics I
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