Department of Food Science and Technology



The department of Food Science and Technology began its activities in 2013. Now, with 5 full-time faculty members, we offer an undergraduate program in Food Science and Technology and a graduate program (M.Sc) in Food Science and Technology- Food Technology. There are currently more than 150 undergraduate and 20 graduate students studying in the department of Food Science  and Technology, respectively. The department is in close communication with different food companies in Guilan province and other cities in Iran and many national projects have been successfully performed in line with industrial demands. 

About the program

The Food Science and Technology major is designed to provide practical and theoretical training on the conversion of raw agricultural products into processed, packaged, shelf-stable food products and intermediate raw materials; different aspects of food preservation; establishment, maintenance, and safety are involved in this field of study. The main aim of this study program is to respond to the needs of the society and the industry for a better-skilled workforce in food science and biotechnology professions.


The objectives of this study program are to:

  • Offer a suitable and exciting study and learning environment for students that want to shape their future professions in food science, food technology, food processing, and agro-business;

  • Provide flexible opportunities for students to gain relevant knowledge and skills that are demanded in the labor market and food industry;

  • Provide opportunities for young people and other interested individuals in new professions that ensure a quick transition to employment;

Have an impact on the medium-to-long-term development of Iran’s economy

Majors and Programs

  • (B.Sc.) 

    - Food Science  and Technology

  • (M.Sc.)

    - Food Science  and Technology- Food Technology

Facilities and Equipment

  • Teaching

    - Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components
    - Modern Analytical Methods
    - Novel Technologies in Food Packaging
    - Advanced Food Technology
    - Industrial Microbiology
    - Statistical Methods for Food Science and Technology
    - Physical Properties of foods
    - Research Methods
    - Food Chemistry
    - Food Analysis
    - English for Food Science and Technology
    - Cold Storage and Refrigeration
    - Canning of Food
    - Milk and Dairy Products Technology
    - Food Preservation
    - Quality Control of Food Products
    - Industrial internship
    - Research Project
    - Post-Harvest Technology
    - Food Microbiology
    - Meat Technology
    - General Microbiology
    - Organic Chemistry
    - General Microbiology
    - General Physics
    - General Biochemistry
    - Economics and Industrial Management
    - Production of Agricultural and Animal Products
    - Principal of Food Engineering
    - Edible Oil Technology
    - Cereal Technology
    - Sugar Technology
    - Fundamentals of Food Packaging
    - Unit Operation in Food Engineering
    - Nutrition
    - Food Plant Design

  • Research

    Main research activities

    • Production of probiotic/synbiotic dairy products

    • Extraction of prebiotic compounds from agricultural by-products

    • Production of antimicrobial film as food packaging

    • Modeling food processing operations

    • Encapsulation and controlled release of bioactive agents

  • Publication


Academic Members

Alireza Mehregan-Nikoo, Ph.D.
Head of Department

  Assistant Professor in Food Science and Technology-Food Chemistry

Research Interests:

Food packaging and preservation, Biopolymers and food hydrocolloids,
Development of value-added products from agricultural wastes


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Siamak Gheibi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Food hygiene and quality control

Research Interests:

Natural preservatives in food,
Quality control of food,
Food shelf life

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Amir Pourfarzad, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Food Science and Technology-Food Technology
Research Interests
  • Functional foods
  • Cereal Chemistry
  • Biopolymers interactions
  • Quality and shelf life optimization of foods
  • Formulation of novel foods
  • Food waste management, valorization and sustainability in the food industry
  • Bakery products
  • Oil technology
  • Sugar technology
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Narjes Malekjani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Food Science and Technology-Food Engineering

Research Interests:

Food process simulation, Food process modeling and  optimization, Encapsulation, Controlled release

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Reza Karimi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Food Science and Technology-Food Technology

Research Interests:

Dairy science and technology,
Probiotics and
Dietary fibers,
Bioactive compounds,
Functional foods

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AbbasAbedfar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Food Science and Technology-
Food Microbiology

Research Interests:

Food Microbiology & Biotechnology
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics
Fermentation and Functional foods
Dairy food innovation and development
Bread Technology & Sourdoug Technology
 - Starter Cultures in Food Production 
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