Department of Sport Biomechanics


The University of Guilan launched the Department of Sports Biomechanics under the School of Sports Sciences in September 2021. The department offers an M.Sc. program in sports biomechanics which covers the areas of study related to sports bioengineering, mechanical aspects of biological systems, physical activity and human biology, and the application of mechanic science in human body function.

Majors and Programs

Objectives of the program: 

i.    M.Sc. program in sports biomechanics focuses on the science concerned with analyzing human movement through simulation and measurement.
ii.    This program aims to have a better understanding of human performance in sports activities, improving field performance and minimizing injuries. 
iii.    This program intends to attract talented students willing to excel in their careers as sports biomechanics practitioners or analysts and those who look to extend their knowledge to a higher academic level.  
iv.    This program attempts to teach various methods of experimental data collection (force plates platforms, electromyography, grip and back dynamometers, neuromuscular imaging) and interpretation (motion analysis and 3D modeling software, MATLAB) based on theoretical and empirical approaches in sports biomechanics to provide a comprehensive solution for human motion analysis. 
  • Sport Biomechanics (M.Sc.)

    Term 1
      Title of the lesson Number of units Unit type
    1 Statistic in sport biomechanics 2 theory
    2 Research method in sport biomechanics 2 theory
    3 Biomechanics of musculoskeletal system 2 theory
    4 Mechanical analysis of sport skills 2 theory
    5 Advanced Kinesiology 2 theory
    6 English in Sports Biomechanics 2 theory
    Term 2
      Title of the lesson Number of units Unit type
    1 Theoretical sport biomechanics 2 theory
    2 Sport biomechanics Lab 2 theory- practical
    3 Seminar in sport biomechanics 2 theory
    4 Biomechanics of Sports Injury
    2 theory
    5 Applied biomechanics 2 theory
    6 Programming and computer software in sport biomechanics 2 theory
    Term 3
      Title of the lesson Number of units Unit type
    1 Biomechanics of gait 2 theory
    2 Biomechanics of posture and balance 2 theory- practical
    3 Independent Oriented Study 2 theory- practical
    Term 4
      Title of the lesson Number of units Unit type
    1 Thesis 6 theory- practical

Facilities and Equipment

  • Teaching

    Courses offered by the Department of sports Biomechanics are taught in both theoretical and practical approaches.  
  • Research

    • Biomechanics of running and jumping
    • Muscle mechanics and human performance
    • Mechanical power in sport
    • Use of EMG analysis in sport
    • Biomechanical limitations of sport performance
    • Mechanical determinants of movement-related injury risk
    • How can wearable technology help us in the field
    • Using sports biomechanics techniques to improve occupational outcomes
    • Providing actionable quantification metrics and/or reference values for practitioners
    • Large-scale field-based datasets of biomechanical data
    • Biomechanical load and adaptation mechanisms across the different levels of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Publication


Academic Members

Javad Mehrbani, Ph.D.
Head of Department
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Mohammad Mottaghitalab, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Sport Biomechanics
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Seyyed Hossein Hoseini , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Sport Biomechanics
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Hassan Daneshmandi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Sport injury and Corrective exercise
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