Department of Biosystems Engineering


The Department commenced its activity under the name of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Engineering in September 2008 at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Guilan, by admitting undergraduate students. The name of the department was changed to the Department of Biosystems Engineering in 2021. Currently, the Department of Biosystems Engineering has seven faculty members. The department offers BSc and MSc programs in the fields of postharvest technology, management and analysis of agricultural systems, renewable energy, and recycling and waste management.

Scientific and Executive Background of the Department
  • Erasmus+ ICM European Union funding for Higher Education International Collaboration in the field of waste management, 2017
  • Developing an entrepreneurial education department plan for the first time at the University of Guilan, 2016
  • Revision of the undergraduate curriculum with the aim of increasing the adaptation of educational content to the needs of the labor market, 2018
  • Planning and conducting specialized workshops on agricultural mechanization, rice quality control and rice processing factories, 2016 up to now.
  • Testing and evaluation of agricultural machines and equipment, 2016 up to now.
  • Manufacturing rice and fruit dryers, 2016 up to now.
  • Establishment of the research and development (R&D) units of the two related industries of Guilan province in the Department, 2019.
Department's Future Perspectives
  • Establishing research centers and labs in the areas of renewable energy in agriculture, waste management in agricultural and food industry, and food processing machinery engineering.
  • Cooperation with the world's top universities.
  • Development of joint training courses with foreign universities at MSc and PhD levels.
  • Attaining international research projects.
  • Attaining research projects from government agencies and domestic private companies.
  • Design, manufacture and upgrading of agricultural machines using new technologies and adapted to local conditions.
  • Establishing the first entrepreneurial department at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Guilan.
  • Establishing knowledge based companies in agricultural and industrial sectors by department graduates.

Major and Program

  • Agricultural Mechanization Engineering (B.Sc.)

    Agricultural Mechanization Engineering (B.Sc.)
  • Biosystems Engineering (B.Sc.)

    Biosystems Engineering (B.Sc.)
  • Postharvest Technology (M.Sc.)

    Postharvest Technology (M.Sc.)
  • Management and Analysis of Agricultural Systems (M.Sc.)

    Management and Analysis of Agricultural Systems (M.Sc.)
  • Recycling and Waste Management (M.Sc.)

    Recycling and Waste Management (M.Sc.)
  • Renewable Energy (M.Sc.)

    Renewable Energy (M.Sc.)

Facilities and equipment

  • Teaching

    Graduates with a degree in biosystems engineering enter a broad range of challenging and rewarding careers in the engineering, energy, environmental, and food industries. So, to prepare students for careers, different types of workshops, labs, scientific visits, and teaching methods are needed. The Department of Biosystems Engineering at the University of Guilan offers students four labs and four workshops, as well as scientific visits to agricultural-related industries. Also, our teaching methods include lectures, seminars, small-group learning, fieldwork and internship in related industries, etc
  • Research

    Currently, there are seven active faculty members in the department with a broad range of research interests who are truly among the best researchers and teachers at fields of biosystems engineering, interested in new technologies and methods.
    Department's Research Topics
    • Mechatronics and image processing in agriculture
    • Post-harvest technology of agricultural products
    • Evaluation of agricultural machinery performance
    • Biofuels Production from wastes
    • Recycling and waste management in agriculture and food industries
    • Applications of renewable energy sources in agriculture
    • Management and analysis of agricultural systems
    • Supply chain management for agricultural and food industries
    • Agricultural System Analysis
    • Evaluation of agricultural machinery performance
    • Analysis of agricultural mechanization
    • Remote sensing in agriculture
  • Publication


Academic Members

Sayed Hossein Payman 
Head of the Department
Associate Professor
Hemad Zareiforoush 
Assistant Professor

Mahdi Khani
Assistant Professor
Morteza Zangeneh
Assistant Professor

Fatemeh Rahimi Ajdadi 
Assistant Professor
Adel Bakhshipour Ziaratgahi
Assistant Professor
Narges Banaeian 
Assistant Professor