Department of Plant Production and Genetics


The educational activities of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in the University of Guilan started by the approval of the 108th meeting of Council on the extension of higher education of Ministry of Higher Education in 1976. Accordingly, the admission of under graduate students started in fall 1977. By developing the higher educational activities in University of Guilan, these activities established in this department by admission of Master of Sciences (MSc), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Agronomy and Plant Breeding in 1995 and 2009, respectively.
Department of Agronomy and Plant breeding currently offers the degree of Bachelor in both agronomy and plant breeding, Master of Agronomy (since 1995), Plant breeding (since 1995), Seed Science and Technology (since 2012) and Weed Science and Weed Control (since 2014), PhD in Agronomy (since 2010) and PhD in Plant Breeding (since 2010) for the qualified applicants.Currently, the department has 9 full-time faculty members and 156 students.


Majors and Programs

The Department of Plant Production and Genetics offers undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • (B.Sc.)

    Plant Production and Genetics (Former name: Agronomy and Plant Breeding).
  • (M.Sc.)

    - Agronomy
    - in Genetics Plant Breeding 
    - Seed Science and Technology 
    - Weed Science and Weed Control 
  • (Ph.D.)

    - Agronomy
    - Genetics and Plant Breeding 

Facilities and Equipment

  • Teaching

    The aim of Department of Plant Production and Genetics is to educate and train of high-quality specialists in field of Agronomy and Plant Breeding to manage all of the regional and countrywide agricultural capacities to provide self-sufficiency in agriculture and export the related agricultural and industrial goods. Education of the most advanced procedures in precision agriculture and plant breeding to interested students provides the required knowledge to combine science and technology for planting and growing crops by selecting adequate varieties of crops and also harvesting in a good manner is the foremost purpose of this department.
  • Research

    Some of the current activities in the Department of Plant Production and Genetics
    •    Determining the critical periods of weed control in most important crops of Guilan province including rice, wheat, barley, tobacco, canola, corn, vegetables and other minor crops. 
    •    Investigation of the allelopathic potential of current crops of the state and their effects on weed control, and vice versa.
    •    Identification and characterization of invasive and native weeds of the region and their effects on crop plants and ecosystem.  
    •    Investigation of the role of planting arrangement, plant density, fertilizer application, irrigation and other crop management systems on weed crop interference 
    •    Integrated weed managements and their effects of crop production.
    •    Evaluation of current and newly-registered herbicides efficacy and their effects on crop yields.  
    •    Investigation of the biological, physiological and ecological properties of poisonous, fruitless and herbaceous plants
    •    Application of Decision Support Systems (DSSs) in Agriculture
    •    Modeling Plant Growth and Development
    •    Yield Prediction Using CSMs
    •    Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Production and Food Security
    •    Plant Responses to Environmental Stress
    •    Enhancement of crop plants tolerance to environmental stresses in rice based crop rotation system
    •    Best agronomic practices for increase of utilization efficiency of fertilizers in rice based crop rotation system
    •    Evaluation of Energy Use Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emission
    •    Seed film coating 
    •    Seed biopriming 
    •    Organic seed production
    •    Estimation of genetic parameters through mating designs including Diallel selective mating, Generation Mean Analysis and other Biometrical Genetics approaches 
    •    Study of Genetic Diversity in different plants using Molecular markers
    •    QTL mapping, Meta-QTL analysis of important traits in different plants
    •    Selection indices to screening elite cultivars under non-stress and stress conditions 

  • Publication

    1- Cereal Research
    The quarterly journal of "Cereal Research" is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers unpublished scientific-research articles on all aspects of cereals, including agronomy, production, breeding, genetics, biotechnology, ecology, physiology, nutrition and soil management, pests and diseases, irrigation, processing, etc, and publishes if approved. This journal is published quarterly in Persian with an English abstract. The editorial board of the journal hopes that by publishing the research results of researchers and students and reflecting them to the scientific and executive community of the country, it can take an effective step in improving the status of the important agricultural sector of the country. The editorial board of the journal invites all experts, researchers and authors to add to its scientific richness by submitting valuable articles and suggestions. This journal is jointly published by University of Guilan and Soil Science Society of Iran.
    According to the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) in 2019, the Journal of Cereal Research obtained an impact factor of 0.185 and a rank of Q2.
    2- Iranian Journal of Seed Science and Research
    Iranian Journal of Seed Science and Research is jointly published by University of Guilan and Iranian Society of Range Management and publishes articles related to plant seeds after expert review and in case of approval, in electronic form. This publication is published as a quarterly in Persian language with an English summary. Access to published articles and archive of articles is open access and completely free.


Academic Members

Gholamreza Mohsen Abadi, Ph.D.
Head of Department
Associate Professor in Agronomy (Crop ecology)

Research interests:
Rice, peanut production
Forage crop production

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JafarAsghariBirbaneh, Ph.D.
Weed Science

Research interests:
Weed Management
Weed Ecophysiology
Herbicides Application Technologies

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Masoud Esfahani, Ph.D.
Agronomy (Crop Physiology)

Research interests:
Crop Stress Physiology
Management of growth and yield of cropsin rotation with rice
Management of application of fertilizers according to plant indices

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Babak Rabiei, Ph.D.
Genetics and Plant Breeding

Research interests:

Plant Genetics
Biometrical Genetics
Plant Breeding
QTL Mapping
Rice Genetics
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Majid Majidian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research interests:

Crop production
Agro ecology
Sustainability agriculture and Organic farming
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Mohsen Zavareh,, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Crop Physiology and Modeling

Research interests: 

Crop Stress Physiology
Crop Simulation Models
Climate Change

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Seyed Mohammad Reza Ehteshami, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Seed Science and Technology 

Research interests:
Seed Sciences and Technology
Organic Farming
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Atefeh Sabouri, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research interests:
Plant Genetics and Genomics
Breeding for biotic and abiotic stress
QTL mapping, and Meta-QTL analysis
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Elmira Mohammadvand, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Weed Science

Research interests:

Weed ecology
 Weed Biology
 Invasive weeds
Weed management
 Weed-crop interference
Herbicide application

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