Department of Thermofluids


​​​​​​​The academic staff of Thermo-Fluids group are actively involved in teaching, research and consultancies by focusing on not only fundamental studies but also the associated technological innovations and the practical applications. Thermo-Fluids group performs fundamental and applied research in a range of topics within the fields of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics.

Majors and Programs

  • (B.Sc.)

    mechanical engineering
  • (M.Sc.)

    Energy Conversion
  • (Ph.D.)

    Energy Conversion

Facilities and Equipment

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has a suitable educational and research space including classroom, amphitheater, drawing studio, workshop and educational and research laboratories to carry out relevant work. With the completion of the building under construction, these spaces will be upgraded to the standard level. Currently, 4 educational workshops and 7 specialized laboratories are active in the faculty. Also, 9 research laboratories have been set up to conduct advanced and up-to-date research.
  • Teaching

    Theoretical Courses offered by the department of thermo-fluids are taught in theoretical approach in faculty of mechanic engineering. It is also noted that practical courses such as fluid mechanics laboratory, heat transfer laboratory and thermodynamics laboratory are held in the Faculty of Engineering. Because these laboratories affiliated to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are still located in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Research

    Research activities:

    Authoring and translating more than 20 book titles and carrying out more than 50 research projects have been the result of the work of mechanical engineering professors and students since the beginning of their work. Also, the publication of scientific and research articles, articles in conventions and conferences, patents and other research activities have made the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering always one of the most successful and progressive faculties of Guilan University in the field of research.

    Future development:
    Currently, the main building of the faculty with the infrastructure of 8000 square meters is under construction. Launching a master's degree in mechatronics engineering, revising and updating courses and chapters, and increasing the number of faculty members are on the agenda of the faculty.
  • Publication


Academic Members

Javad Mahmoudimehr, Ph.D.
Head of Department
Associate Professor

Research interests:
-Simulation and optimization of energy systems
-Renewable energy (Fuel Cells, Solar, Hydro-electric, Biomass)
-Reacting flow
-Optimization methods (Evolutionary, Dynamic programming)
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Kourosh Javaherdeh, Ph.D.
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Nima Amanifard, Ph.D.
Research interests:
-Numerical and experimental Investigation of passive vortex generators and active DBD plasma actuators as well as electro-hydrodynamics for heat and mass transfer applications.
-Numerical simulation and active flow control of turbo-machines to enhance the performances including reversible axial fans and axial compressors.
-Smoothed particles hydrodynamics applied to free surface flows, Plasticity, impact and hemodynamics.
-Flow control in order to improve the performance of polymer and solid oxide fuel cells.
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Amin Haghighi, Ph.D.
Associate professor
Research interests:
-Modern HVAC Systems and Thermal Comfort
-Renewable and Sustainable Energies (Wind and Solar Energies, Ground Heat Pump)
-Heat Transfer in Process Systems (Macro and Micro Scales)
-Fluid Mechanics and Numerical Schemes
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Mohammad Naghash-zadegan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research interests:
- Water supply
- Revision of geographic information (GIS)
-Wastewater treatment
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